Life in a Year

I came to America 1 year ago. During that first American year, I had a lot of journeys and experienced life’s roller-coaster turns.

Throughout that time I made pictures on iPhone 7+, which helped me to document the reflections of reality.

Looking back, I saw that those pictures could be combined into 1 big story to share with other people. That’s how “Life in a year” was born.

The photo-essays start following my main character, Dream in my hometown, Almaty, Kazakhstan and followed her journey to America. Dream’s stories came to fruition through the lens of my phone.

I am welcoming you to get a glimpse into my first book “Life In A Year” – my first printed photobook, which includes 8 stories and around 250 pictures. You will be able to discover it in a short moment of eternity,(expected publication date July 2019) however, here are some sneak picks as an appetizer.

(All pictures were made by me with iPhone 7+ during 2018-2019)