Creatures of Georgia

Project: Georgian People.

Background: Private guided tour to reflect images of people in Georgia (the country).

Description: They are different. As elsewhere, as here, as there, as behind that ridge, behind the hillock and behind the stairs. But they have something of their own, Georgians. And what is it, this is Georgian? Maybe a little loud and gesticulating, slightly suspicious but at the same time open, energetic and laughter, browsing and benevolent?

A tourist in 10 days hardly can see something in these wrinkled, painted, emotional, folded and bearded-hairy, bosom and eyebrows; in these humpbacked, tall, stately, crooked, fat, plump, thin bodies.

But I tried. Looked for a moment, clicked the shutter, froze, saved and later squeezed into this website. These are not faces, these are just figures, covered with a subjective view.

(All pictures were taken by me in 2017)